Get a Sign Waving Robot! Check out the clip below to see why!

The Sign Waving Robot is the Best Way to Advertise Your Business

They save you thousands of dollars per month and also make you more money too! With the salary you give to a sign spinner for one month you can buy two or even three sign waving robots!

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Never any employee problems
  • No insurance and liability costs
  • No Breaks or Vacation times ever
  • Change your sign whenever you want!
  • A nonstop sign waving robot that spins your message at ALL TIMES
  • Don’t deal with lazy, incompetent sign spinners
  • Stand out with a new advertising model that most people have never seen

Many people who pass by one of these mannequins take a double take. They at first might think it’s a sign spinner but when they look closer they see it is not. They are so intrigued because they have never seen anything like it before! Most people who see it just have to pose and get a picture with it. It’s really a conversation starter and drives a lot of customers int your store, business, or restaurant.

Sign Waving Robot


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The Sign Waving Robot is a new, innovative, and unique way to increase foot traffic and increase the sales of your small business in a cost effective way. These Sign Waving Mannequins are motorized and battery operated and depending on what you need they can be plugged in to a socket or fully battery operated so that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Not only do the sign waving robot save your precious money but they also save your valuable time. Once you have one there is absolutely no need for you to look for an employee to wave your sign. The mannequins are eye catching, as well. Sign waving robots are a great way to get free marketing and publicity for your business. This is a revolutionary way to get your message out to your customers in a fun and eye-catching manner. How is there free marketing? Customers passing by love the mannequin so much that they pose and take pictures with it and post it on social media sites and remember that your sign is in that picture too!

A Sign Spinning Mannequin does not take breaks so you can have a 24×7, nonstop sign spinner which could do wonders for your business. The battery operated Waving Mannequin doesn’t need to be around a power cord which saves you from further hassles. Owning a sign doll is a onetime investment and not only does it help you save hundreds of dollars but also saves you the hassle of not worrying about the late or lazy employees plus there is no insurance cost attached like with an employee! This tool is a great way to advertise your product. It is available at your discretion and you can get a custom sign for your business and alter the information as per your need. You can also dress up the Sign Waving Mannequin as per your businesses requirements. With a limited budget the mechanical mannequin can help you accomplish a lot for your business.

The package comes with a complete set of everything you need to get started, from a fully functional mannequin, to a one year limited warranty for manufacturer defects, and to basic clothing and your choice of a wig. The Sign Waving Robot’s designs are friendly and comply with today’s technology. Not only are they portable but durable as well. These sign dolls are surely the way to promote your business.